Case reports and case discussions are the essence of this meeting and
the high scientific level is well represented by a distinguished faculty.

The ICCIR 2018 Faculty


C.A. Binkert (Winterthur/CH)
E. Brountzos (Athens/GR)
A. Bücker (Homburg/DE)
F. Fanelli (Florence/IT)
D. Filippiadis (Athens/GR)
J. Garnon (Strasbourg/FR)
P. Haage (Wuppertal/DE)
K.A. Hausegger (Klagenfurt/AT)
L. Hechelhammer (St. Gallen/CH)
W. Jaschke (Innsbruck/AT)
J. Lammer (Vienna/AT)
M.J. Lee (Dublin/IE)
P. Lucatelli (Siena/IT)
A. Mahnken (Marburg/DE)
R.A. Morgan (London/UK)
H. Portugaller (Graz/AT)
J.A. Reekers (Amsterdam/NL)
M. Schoder (Vienna/AT)
R.A. Uberoi (Oxford/UK)
O.M. van Delden (Amsterdam/NL)
V. Vidjak (Zagreb/HR)
D. Vorwerk (Ingolstadt/DE)
W. Wohlgemuth (Halle/DE)
F. Wolf (Vienna/AT)

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